Budget Predictability

Participation in the CPEC program, which aggregates demand for purchase on the open market, in many cases allows a member to know going forward in an ensuing budget year what it’s energy costs will be.

With the fossil fuel program, the bidding process allows a firm price which to be established before the beginning of the fiscal year.

With regard to natural gas purchasing, the methodology used by CPEC allows the member to look back on a yearly basis and determine what costs were incurred, which will assist the member in developing a forward budget for this energy source.

With electricity purchasing going forward, power will be in blocks for defined contract years, thereby allowing predictability based upon a known price and historical usage data.

Competitive Pricing

By aggregating demand CPEC is able to attract more vendors to participate in the process whereby a truly competitive price through lowest responsible bidding procedures can be achieved. The basic economic axiom applies that a customer with a predictable demand will attract more competitive pricing if the marketplace is both aware of the demand and treats the members demand as credible.

Consultant Expertise

The Consortium has contracted for consultant expertise in the area of both natural gas purchasing and electricity purchasing with Pace Global Energy Services, LLC ("Pace"). Pace blends its extensive knowledge of all aspects of the energy & carbon industry with 30 years of commercial experience to reduce risk and create value for its clients and for the Consortium. Pace provides the purchasing expertise and account expertise for large corporate entities, as well as for CPEC and its individual members. Please refer to "Pace Global" under Quick Links for more information about Pace.

Energy Information

The intent of CPEC is to keep the members informed on new developments in sources of energy, uses of energy, and energy conservation. This particular place on the website will be the location for information which will be of value to members.