Natural Gas

The purchasing of natural gas is through coordination with the Consortium’s natural gas procurement manager, Pace Global Energy, LLC, of Fairfax, Virginia. The normal contract period for natural gas begins November 1 and concludes either twelve (12) or eighteen (18) months thereafter. Approximately six months prior to the beginning of the contract year, a Participating Member provides to the consultant and the Consortium, the anticipated volumes of natural gas needed for the impending contract year, based upon past usage over a twelve (12) month period. Hedging strategies will be utilized to obtain favorable pricing when forward pricing suggests that a value can be obtained by hedging, and additional hedging will take place so as to allow protection from price spikes, but to also allow for taking advantage of dips in forward pricing during the contract year. Pace Global will provide semi-annual updates of the pricing for the natural gas as compared to the pricing that would have been paid had the Participating Member purchase the natural gas through the resident utility. The fee for service is $.135 cents per MMBtu. The fee is paid in the same timeframe as the gas bill is provided in a separate billing or in the same billing if the Participating Member requests.

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